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True leaders don’t create followers, they create strong leaders.

– David J Satler, DJS Advisory

DJS Advisory Services

Board Services

Knowledgeable, experienced, and an insatiable learner, David brings a straightforward and impartial point of view to serving as an executive board member.


  • Proven board leadership, oversight, and support with expertise in a diverse range of financial services
  • Experienced chair of global and local governance committees
  • Previous experience with Regulators (SEC, Fed and FINRA)
  • A career marked by the highest ethical and moral standards


Leading M&A activity in the Asset and Wealth Management sector, David is an expert at creating systemic, sustainable processes to ensure accountability and consistency, and to maximize collaboration and teamwork.

  • Skilled hands-on management of corporate integration, acquisition, and divestitures
  • A leader who drives successful change to increase adoption and enablement of new business processes to fuel growth and innovation
  • Experienced at strong communications, stakeholder engagement, driving accountability and execution

Executive Leadership Coaching

Starting with Value and Energy Leadership Assessments, followed by a series of one-to-one, solutions-focused sessions, David helps inspire leaders to move beyond what they hope to achieve with greater energy and confidence.

  • A process designed to maximize personal and professional potential through a creative, thought-provoking process
  • A sounding board, expert at moving through stuck thinking
  • Expert at optimizing emerging talent, improving team alignment and communication through awareness and higher levels of self-awareness


About David

Borne of a decades-long career directing global enterprises, David J. Satler is a strategic operating executive with strong financial and human capital skills offering a diverse set of capabilities to each Executive Team and Board of Directors with which he works.

  • Chief Operating Officer, Barclays Wealth and Prudential Securities
  • Head of Human Resources, UBS Wealth Management
  • Chief of Staff to CEO, UBS and Prudential Securities
  • Chief Administrative Officer, UBS
  • Global Head of Sales Development, UBS
  • Head of Financial Analysis & Planning, Prudential Securities
  • Management Consultant, Korn Ferry
  • Field and home office roles, Prudential Securities
  • Certified Public Accountant


I’ve coached a lot of government and industry executives during career transitions and David made the fastest transition from senior industry executive to professional client consultant that I have ever witnessed. His willingness to listen, partner with people, do whatever is needed and deliver sensible solutions to challenges is what separates him from others.

Jim Newfrock
President, Sales and Licensing Division, ZRG partners

I have known David Satler for 25 years; he is the same genuine, trustworthy, and honest person since I met him. Success has not in any fashion changed him and he will work hard with you to become the best you can be! He will give honest and transparent feedback. Most of all he cares!!

Paul C. Santucci
Financial Services Executive

Thirty years ago, David Satler and I worked together to support the CEO of a large financial services company during a transformational period. Since then, David has been and continues to be my “go-to” person for career guidance, executive development, and mentorship. David is a passionate and inspirational leader and a champion for women too!

Arlene Klein
Financial Services Executive

I’ve had the pleasure of working with David in varying roles over the years. In every instance, he’s left a lasting, positive impact. David is an extremely effective executive, and an insightful leadership coach with a contagious passion for guiding people to reach their potential. He draws not only from established techniques and tools of coaching, but more importantly from his own extensive executive experience. David has “been there and done that,” and understands the realities of competitive, complex organizations. Any firm or executive can benefit from his ability to refocus them on the truly important and improve their performance.

Leonardo Toni
Financial Services Executive

Great sparring partner helping me to think through some key questions and find my own authentic answers. Great coach, able to push and challenge your thinking.

Reto Wangler
Financial Services Executive

David has been an invaluable leader throughout his career but above all is a true “coach” in every sense of the word. He is an intent listener and has a skill for holding people accountable. He pushes folks to dig deep and become the best version of their authentic self.

Patricia Solfaro
Financial Services Executive

David has been an invaluable resource during the 10 years that we worked together. David challenged me to look at situations from different angles that I hadn’t considered. He excels at asking insightful questions, helping me think more deeply about decisions, conflict resolution, performance, and work-life balance. I especially appreciate David’s emphasis on values, making sure I remain true to mine. David was instrumental in helping me navigate through many business situations and I would highly recommend him as a coach.

Sheryl Kurtis
Financial Services Executive

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